Have you ever fallen prey to the “Hit & Run Salesman”? The “Casanova Salesperson”? You know, they come in with a great idea - a hot product to sell you - and the moment they get the sale... POOF... they disappear into the wind.

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With Campbell & Partners, that will NEVER happen.  Why?  As a VALUE-ADDED service to all of our clients, we provide FREE MONTHLY media consulting to our customers.  At C&P, we only recruit former advertising professionals as partners.  So even if C&P has helped you with a financial service, an IT solution, or something else unrelated to marketing - you will always have access to an impartial professional to help you make good marketing decisions.

Oh, and this value added isn't just a handshake -- we put it in writing, giving you a set amount of FREE CONSULTING time each month.  And as always, we work on your terms - so if a monthly conference call at a regular day/time is your speed, so be it.  A monthly face-to-face?  That works too.  Or do you just want to be able to reach out from time to time?  We'll make sure you can reach us and get feedback within 24 hours.


Ken Campbell, Principal

Ken is an experienced self-starter with 25 years experience in retails sales, direct marketing, advertising, and B2B sales.  A promotions and marketing expert, Ken grew a single automotive client into a multi-million dollar direct mail firm.  Over the years, Ken has worked with over a thousand different businesses - developing marketing plans both big and small - and acting as a trusted advisor to his clients.

What is C&P all about?  Let's hear from Ken:

"I cut my teeth in the advertising business. No matter what product I was representing, I always felt my CORE goal was to help my client make money. Over time, I realized my clients needed a trustworthy partner to help them navigate the business landscape - into any area of their business that could save money or improve their operations. C&P was created to meet this demand."

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