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With hands down the best graphic designs in the marketplace, our direct mail promotions will deliver the traffic you need to hit your monthly goals.  With HUNDREDS of design options, contests, promotions, and turn-key events - we'll put our 50 years of combined automotive advertising experience to work for you.

And if your dealership is a fan of the digital realm and wants your promotion to deploy over email, Facebook and other mobile marketing mediums -- we can fully integrate the promo to DOMINATE your marketplace!


More and more companies are turning to digital micro-targeting to reach their target customer.  Our digital deployment partner is a leader in the marketplace, handling digital campaigns for national brands like Target, Verizon Wireless, Dillards, Family Dollar, Bojangles, Academy Sports  - among others.

With access to a consumer database of over 150 million records, we can design and deploy a campaign to reach your customers via Email, Facebook and Mobile.


It is no secret that there is money to be made by engaging, informing and selling to your customers via social media - whether it be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or others.  But most small to medium businesses simply do not have the TIME and RESOURCES to keep up with ALL these channels. 

Think about it.  Managing each channel means coming with a messaging strategy, posting on a regular basis, responding to customer comments or questions, and regularly evaluating progress.  Do YOU have time to do that for your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts?  Most owners and managers simply do not.

That's where we can help.  For literally a few dollars per day, we can fully manage your ENTIRE SOCIAL MEDIA STREAM.  You tag in once a month to discuss the strategy - our partner team goes into action designing and executing the plan.  It's pretty sweet.


Ken Campbell, Principal

Ken is an experienced self-starter with 25 years experience in retails sales, direct marketing, advertising, and B2B sales.  A promotions and marketing expert, Ken grew a single automotive client into a multi-million dollar direct mail firm.  Over the years, Ken has worked with over a thousand different businesses - developing marketing plans both big and small - and acting as a trusted advisor to his clients.

What is C&P all about?  Let's hear from Ken:

"I cut my teeth in the advertising business. No matter what product I was representing, I always felt my CORE goal was to help my client make money. Over time, I realized my clients needed a trustworthy partner to help them navigate the business landscape - into any area of their business that could save money or improve their operations. C&P was created to meet this demand."

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