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The FACTS regarding data loss for small to mid-size businesses are sobering, to say the least:

--90% of businesses have inadequate or outdated disaster recovery plans
--Every week, there are 140,000 hard drive crashes in the US
--Contrary to popular belief, only a small percentage of data loss is WEATHER related (7%)
--Only 8% of companies suffering a major data loss survive!

As the guardian of your company's financial future, ask yourself a few key questions:

1.  What are you doing to BACKUP your servers?
2.  What Disaster Plan do you have in place to RECOVER your data?
3.  How are you TESTING testing the plans?  How often?
4.  What is the RECOVERY time of your existing plan?
5.  How much MONEY would you lose if you could not access your servers for hours?  Days??

If answering those questions gave you any second thoughts or anxiety, don't panic... we understand.  True to our mission, Campbell & Partners can help protect your business interests -- and likely SAVE YOU MONEY in the process.

We have partnered with the most technologically advanced, fastest growing DRaaS firm (Disaster Recovery as a Service) in the Southeast to ensure all of our clients are protected completely.

Best of all, our partner will help your company PLAN for the transition to housing your data in the cloud (when the time is right), so keep your servers for now -- but those looming capital costs of upgrade or replacement... kiss them goodbye.


Ken Campbell, Principal

Ken is an experienced self-starter with 25 years experience in retails sales, direct marketing, advertising, and B2B sales.  A promotions and marketing expert, Ken grew a single automotive client into a multi-million dollar direct mail firm.  Over the years, Ken has worked with over a thousand different businesses - developing marketing plans both big and small - and acting as a trusted advisor to his clients.

What is C&P all about?  Let's hear from Ken:

"I cut my teeth in the advertising business. No matter what product I was representing, I always felt my CORE goal was to help my client make money. Over time, I realized my clients needed a trustworthy partner to help them navigate the business landscape - into any area of their business that could save money or improve their operations. C&P was created to meet this demand."

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