As a business owner, you can see the trend... cash and check transactions are trending down - while debit, credit and electronic transactions are quickly taking the lions share of the transactions.

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C&P's processing partners handled over $50 billion in transactions last year, serving hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide.  We have sought out companies that offer the most competitive rates - and the best cutting-edge POS technology in the marketplace.

In a 2013 poll by the National Retail Federation, nearly ONE QUARTER of consumers say they would be more likely to make purchases from in-store retailers if they offered either self-service or mobile payment options. 

Want to keep pace with technology and make more money meeting your customer needs?  C&P will help to navigate the technology options and make sure you add dollars to the bottom line.

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Ken Campbell, Principal

Ken is an experienced self-starter with 25 years experience in retails sales, direct marketing, advertising, and B2B sales.  A promotions and marketing expert, Ken grew a single automotive client into a multi-million dollar direct mail firm.  Over the years, Ken has worked with over a thousand different businesses - developing marketing plans both big and small - and acting as a trusted advisor to his clients.

What is C&P all about?  Let's hear from Ken:

"I cut my teeth in the advertising business. No matter what product I was representing, I always felt my CORE goal was to help my client make money. Over time, I realized my clients needed a trustworthy partner to help them navigate the business landscape - into any area of their business that could save money or improve their operations. C&P was created to meet this demand."

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